Zoe Saldana and Her Sisters Are Officially the Ultimate #GirlPowerGoals



Through their production company, Cinestar, the sisters Saldana have produced the NBC miniseries Rosemary’s Baby and the digital series My Hero for AOL. “We formed the company because we wanted to see stories told from a female perspective at least 80 percent of the time,” Zoe says. More recently, the trio teamed up with Awestruck, Awesomeness TV’s network, to create content for women, including Rosé Roundtable, a YouTube series that has the sisters gabbing with girlfriends about everything from raising multi-cultural kids to body positivity. (They’re giving a new meaning to girl power like these other strong women.) They recently took some time to talk with us about working out and working together.

What’s the secret to working in harmony as sisters? [The three credit themselves as co-owners and cofounders.]

Zoe: Acknowledging that everyone has their own strength. It makes us all accountable, and all leaders in our own way.
Cisely: And we’re all enablers. We all help each other manifest our ideas. We’re like wine: The more we age, the more exquisite our relationship becomes. We have tremendous respect for one another. We’re one year apart and went through puberty together with just one bathroom. We always say that if we could do that, we can do anything.

Why is it so important for you all to create content for women?

Cisely: Women inspire us. When I came into this world, my sisters were waiting for me. My relationships with women are my priority.
Mariel: I want little girls watching TV to see someone with my voice and shape. The more of us who are out there doing it, the more they’ll see that.
Cisely: We only had one African American Barbie doll. And remember, there was only one G.I. Joe female action figure. We want future generations to feel represented.



What’s your dream project?

Zoe: One thing that appeals to my sisters and me a lot is providing a realistic image of what life is like, which is why we’re intrigued by working with influencers more. If you’re a mommy blogger and you’re passionate about being a mom, that’s amazing, and more people should know who you are! When it comes to industry people, it would be a dream come true to work with women like Victoria Alonso, who is a kick-ass producer at Marvel.

What does working out do for you physically and mentally?

Cisely: Mentally, when I start working out I hate the world, but once it’s done, I feel so accomplished. Until the next day.
Mariel: It’s time to myself. It’s like letting my brain breathe for a minute until the craziness starts again.
Zoe: I work through my issues physically. I come up with solutions to things that are important to me. (Zoe shared more about her workout philosophy in her cover interview.)

How do you motivate yourself to work out when you don’t want to?

Mariel: I need to get better at that!
Zoe: I ignore my own head. I do everything that my head is telling me not to do instead.
Cisely: I remind myself that exercise means you can have that glass of wine (or two) guilt-free.



On Rosé Roundtable, you talk a lot about self-love and empowerment. Tell us, what do you love most about your bodies?

Mariel: I love my shape because, regardless of my weight, I’ve always been in proportion. When I was younger, I used to think that I couldn’t be happy unless I was a certain size. I put my happiness on hold. Now that I’m older, I actually enjoy all of me.
Cisely: I like my hair! And they (Mariel and Zoe) like my bum.
Zoe: I love my boobs— because they’re healthy. And they shake with me. (Here are Shape readers’ favorite body parts.)

Where did you get your incredible confidence?

All: Our mom!
Zoe: When I was younger, I’d be so embarrassed because she was very uninhibited for that time and for our culture [first-generation American Latinos]. She wasn’t an exhibitionist, but she was who she was. I’d say, “Maybe you could wear a bathing suit that isn’t see-through?” And she’d be, like, “No, this is what I have!” Oh, God, I’ve become my mother!

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